Monday, June 14, 2010

Rail Meat Offered, Experience Included

This guy just wrote looking to go sailing, and while we don't have a moderated crew board or anything, it seemed pretty darn easy to post it here. Anyone interested? Without his permission I won't post his e-mail, but I'll let him know he should come check out the blog.

I recently moved to Fort Lauderdale and I am looking to get back into in sailing. Unfortunately the last few years I was working in an undesirable location for racing so I have been out of the sport for about 4 years. Prior to that I grew up sailing Opti's very competively up and down the east coast, Lasers and crewed of a Meglas 24 and an International 14. I am looking to get involved with a boat that sails competitively in area and I will willing to travel with them as well. I would be completely happy just being rail meat or doing anything else. Is there a message board where I can post my interest or is there someone that I should get in touch with?
Mike Carr

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