Monday, February 14, 2011

First of Two Great Interviews

The first interview online caught my eye because he's a client -- Buddy Stockwell, with a Lagoon 38, proudly flying a Doyle Spinnaker. His interview on the fun and perils of cruising his cat around the Caribbean makes for a great read. Here's a sample:

Those “Blue Lagoon” dream destinations are still out there, but with the growing cruising population, in some areas down south cruisers have now moved in, become liveaboards, and are there in such numbers that they obscure the local culture and diminish the authenticity of what once was. Also, it is of note to mention that cruisers are now as diverse as the people in your subdivision back home. They run the gamut all the way from what we all usually envision as “nice folks out cruising” to dangerous criminals and the mentally ill. That is why one should be very cautious about become “fast friends” with new acquaintances while cruising. Just because someone lives on a boat does not mean anything at all as to what kind of person they are or whether you should allow them on your vessel or go aboard theirs. When you head out cruising, take you streets smarts aboard with you.

Interview with Buddy Stockwell, Indigo Moon

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