Thursday, March 27, 2014

(Pre) Summer Sale Begins!

Starting tomorrow we launch an exciting new program to help sailors save real money on specific sails.  Every two weeks, we'll identify a new sail, offer it at a substantial discount, and accompany it with lower prices on other sails for the boat as well.  These are deep discounts, and the following terms and conditions apply:

Limited Time.  Each sale begins and ends on a date and time, and the sale price only applies to sails purchased during those times.

No Additional Discounts or coupons may be applied.  This is the lowest price we'll ever offer this sail!

Limited Customization.  The sails are already built, and only minor customization is possible, such as adding sail numbers, class insignia, or custom graphics.

Limited Supply.  We have limited quantities of the sails offered, and when they're gone, so is the special price!

We hope you'll enjoy the information we'll include with each offer, and share your opinion in our regular polling series that accompanies each mailing as well.