Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why Should She Get all the Toys on Black Friday?

Want more boatspeed, cheap? The most enjoyable distance races or cruises are long reaches, and we can make them even better for you. A spinnaker staysail gives you a nice boost in reaching speed. Just attach it to the foredeck, hoist it with a jib halyard, trim it to a snatch block, and you’re off!

  • More Speed. About five percent more -- or an hour earlier into Key West on a good day!
  • More Balance. Helps reduce windward helm and keep the bow down.
  • Easy to Use. Flies loose on a rope luff, with a small furler on larger boats.
  • Fun Factor. Extra toy gives crew one more way to keep their heads in the race.
  • No Rating Penalty. PHRF lets you use it free!

Starting at about $20 per foot of LOA, a spinnaker staysail makes a great Christmas present for yourself, and will make your crew smile when you unwrap it on deck!

Interested? E-mail us here, and/or read more and comment below for public Q&A or contact us directly to learn more!

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Spinnaker staysails provide more power and balance on a reach. More properly designed sail area increases your boat’s horsepower without interfering with your spinnaker’s airflow. Set forward of the mast, the added pull helps keep the bow down and reduce windward helm. When racing, this makes it easier for less-experienced helmsmen to take turns at the helm, and when cruising, it helps the autopilot keep the bow down and the boat on course. It’s free, easy speed any way you look at it!

The tack attaches easily anywhere forward, on existing hardware, on the weather rail, or on a loop in a bridle tied between the rails. The luff is supported by a low-stretch rope, and the sail flies freely. Set it by hoisting it with a jib halyard straight out of the bag, and on larger boats, with a small continuous-line furler. The simplest sails are made from spinnaker nylon, with larger and more advanced race sails made from specialized laminates. It’s free power: PHRF considers it a jib, but it’s far more effective than your working jib because it’s lighter and set further away from the spinnaker.

Visit our Youtube page to see two videos of these sails in action. And yes, Neil Pryde’s personal boat is flying a full inventory of Doyle Stratis sails!

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