Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grab This!

One of our clients Anne Stewart, CS 33 s/y Grey Ghost uses mountain climbing ascenders for grabbing lines. You can even use two hands.

I thought I'd seen it all from what we refer to as uses from other industries.

This is the bomb

"Problems"? No! Rewards.

In response to concerns on the Lagoon message board by someone thinking of buying a boat but not wanting one with “problems,” Dave Wheeler had the following response I found particularly insightful for its honesty and accuracy.


I have to jump in here and say this. I have owned a Lagoon 410 for three years, a 38' twin diesel motor yacht for five before that and a 34'
Gemini 105 for 5 years before that. Living on the water in florida most of the times I have had two boats. A small runabout for socializing and a bigger boat for trips.

Boats aren't much different from houses. The bigger and more elaborate the more care they need. But if you are fixing up a house or boat you are going to be looking at more work and more problems. However don't just by the boat with all the gadgets thinking all is good. Most of the stuff will be the wrong equipment for your use, installed wrong or just plain junk. When pricing and buying boats it is important to ensure it fits YOUR needs. The price of the survey is the best insurance and really really go over it with the surveyor . Your shopping needs to start at what are you going to use the boat for and what are your plans. I would not own a boat with a mast over 65 feet because in our cruising area, it is important to have the option to stay on the Inter Coastal Waterway vs getting beat up outside. But that is the east coast of the US. Your situation may be different.

Bottom line with average TLC you can maintain a boat pretty easy. But when you are doing upgrades, replacing engines or equipment it can get pretty complicated and expensive, Also some folks (even on here) love to work on their boat as a hobby. Is it 100% necessary ? Not to maybe you or me but to them it is. Priorities always have to be on safety, comfort and sail ability and with that we could fill the user group up on what that entails. I like to do all my work myself because when you are out sailing or on a trip , help may not be available, so being able to depend on yourself gives piece of mind. Big question is what are you going to do with the boat and how far from home are you going to travel and the type of sailing. Like most things in life, the reward sometimes out weighs the work and sacrifice to get there.