Monday, July 25, 2011

Flashlight Submissions... so far!

The list so far of safety flashlight submissions from our Facebook post gives a gadget freak a big reason to smile. I've consolidated and summarized what people sent, either on the Facebook page or direct in e-mails, along with links to the manufacturers' sites for your browsing pleasure. We're cross-checking some of these with some other public-source tests that have been done to narrow the list for some recommendations (and awards!). Though our focus was/is on flashlights after the Wing Nuts stories, dedicated strobes seemed smart, popular, and we figured we'd include them in the research (but not the contest!).

CMG/Gerber -- Infinity Ultra 22-80012
Sure Fire -- T1A Titan
Maglite -- XL50 LED Light/Strobe, and 2AA Cell Version
Pelican -- Super Sabrelite, Mytilite
Peak LED

ACR -- Firefly, Seastrobe
Maglite -- XL50 LED Light/Strobe

Also, chemical light-sticks available at any hardware or camping store, and small signal mirrors were also recommended as essential, affordable, and reliable products. Stay tuned for further insight on our main focus here, the flashlights themselves.