Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Code Zero -- Reaching Power!

Doyle Code 0
The new generation Doyle "Reaching" Code 0 was specially developed to take advantage of the latest Stratis laminates and fill a range between the traditional Code 0 and the A3. Designed with a fuller forward section than a standard Code 0, the sail excels at deeper angles, while the strength to weight ratio that results from an aggressively mapped fiber layout allows the sail to be carried into a higher apparent wind speed as the boat sails deeper angles.
The sail flies with a tighter luff, allowing more aggressive steering and easier sail trim, while advanced fiber placement within the laminate ensures stable flying shape and comparable weight to an A3.  The tight luff also allows the sail to be easily depowered by simply easing the sheet, as the design allows it to twist off more like a conventional headsail, while the tight luff prevents it from collapsing. Covering an extremely wide crossover, combined with a unique furling system, the sail’s superior characteristics have made it a proven winner - the 2013 Newport-Bermuda Race winner Shockwave credits many of her miles to this sail.
Locally here in South Florida, Carl Wehe recently began sailing with his new Doyle Code Zero.  Ideal for point-to-point races with the wind on the beam, he'll be a threat in the Lauderdale to Key West Race and similar Boat of the Year regattas.