Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summer 2015 Youth Sailing Programs

Whether you are interested in learning how to sail or looking for ways to involve your kids in engaging outdoor activities this summer, now is the time to begin looking into and signing up for Learn to Sail Programs.  The nearly 100 miles of South Florida coastline between West Palm Beach and Coral Gables hosts several dozen respectable training centers that specialize in training youth and adults by providing on-the-water courses that drastically improve skills and sailing knowledge. Many, like Coral Reef Sailing Club in Coral Gables, offer classes that range from basic seamanship, to advanced race tactics, to training in the use of downwind spinnakers. There is truly something for all levels of knowledge.

Kids benefit from having the most opportunities to select from nowadays. Opti sailing – a proven “fast-track” method to becoming a skillful and capable sailor – is an excellent way to get your kids fired up while demonstrating sportsmanship and athleticism.  Many programs also offer less competitive “Adventure Sailing” that allow kids to let loose their inner pirate! Sailing camps enable kids to make friends while keeping them active for a greater period of time.

Below is a list of sailing clubs and institutions that we recommend:

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